Sharing my depressing thoughts on Egypt

in «Politics & Human Rights» by mostafa

Warning! This post is very old and may contain information that is no longer valid.

I am slowly developing an apathy towards the current political process. Not sure if future elections are meaningful.

There are no credible politicians left. Maybe few untainted ones exist but they hardly can be popular enough to win seats in any elections, either because they represent fringe ideology or have been smeared by everyone in power.

Those who came with a democratic process betrayed its values and those who claim to stand for such values betrayed the process. Both sides have blood on their hands. Both sides compete on bending over to the army. There is no third path, those who belong to it are doomed to campaign uphill for human rights and other good causes only to find it worsening and they will continue to do this forever.

The society has been in a state of irremediable ideological polarisation that makes consensus impossible. The bloody crackdown on islamists has worsened a dangerous wound. People don't want to listen to reasonable voices, they are eager to believe rumours that confirm their prejudices and harden them to brutal measures against their opponents.

Another failed constitution is the only expected result, with no sense of achievement or ownership. Just shared disappointment.

The Mubarak state is almost fully reanimated but now with unsafe streets and a more dilapidated economy. Egypt is more dependent on foreign loans for almost everything. We are unable to feed ourselves or run our generators. We are left with an unsustainable state, a selfish interfering military and a society corroded by inequality.

The current political atmosphere appears as if everything between Mubarak's speech in February 2011 promising to step down after finishing his last term in office and today have been folded. Except two thousand people have lost their lives, many more injured and many hopes buried.

Our attempt to stand up have showed us that we have a broken back.